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Metal Roof Refurbishment CPD

The Life Cycle of a Metal Roof: A Specifiers Guide to Good Practice

Over time, coated metal roof sheets degrade, which causes leaks and building damage. Specifiers need to address this degradation in order to avoid oversheeting or the need for a full roof replacement.

There are over a million commercial buildings in the UK, with upwards of five hundred thousand of these having pitched metal roofs. In total, this equates to around four hundred million m2 of plastic coated, steel sheet roofing, which only has a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years.

When it comes to deciding whether to refurbish or replace a metal roof, there are key sustainability factors that need to be considered for each option.

Replacing a roof incurs over FIVE times the amount of embodied carbon compared to using our roof refurbishment systems.

Help your clients achieve their sustainability goals and better understand at what point refurbishment should be carried with our accredited CPD.



What We Cover in this CPD
The life cycle of a metal roof
The breakdown of a plastic-coated steel roof
Points of intervention
The decision to refurbish or replace
Environmental considerations
Solar PV installation
System comparisons
Sharmans solutions
Helping experts make the right choice

Have you booked your CPD?

We have two accredited CPDs available:

"Why gutters fail and the options to repair, replace or refurbish"

"The Life Cycle of a Metal Roof: A Specifiers Guide to Good Practice"

These CPDs look specifically at commercial and industrial gutter and roof types and give a better understanding of the primary reasons why they fail, along with the refurbishment options available.

CPD accredited