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High strength, weatherproof, fast-cure adhesive. Isocyanate, solvent and silicone-free.

Gutterbond thixotropic adhesive and repair sealant is a one-part sealant for use in most common repair applications. After application the sealant reacts with atmospheric moisture to produce a high strength, temporary or permanent bond or repair

Good adhesion to a variety of roof and construction substrates including PVC, EPDM, glass, wood and stone)The sealant can successfully be applied to damp or wet surfaces.



The self-adhesive tape for temporary waterproofing and short term repairs to roofs, gutters, flashings and more.

Rooflock Tape is an extremely high performance, all-purpose temporary waterproofing tape for a very strong durable bond to almost any surface, sealing in seconds. Successfully.
Featuring Microsealant® pressure-sensitive adhesive technology, Rooflock Tape is completely bitumen free and creates a waterproof seal in only a few minutes. It is widely used in the roofing and maintenance industries as a very high performance, temporary repair product, as a gutter sealant, or even a general repair tape.

Features a unique and innovative adhesive for a very strong bond to almost every construction material.

Leister TRIAC AT Basic Roofing Kit 120v - Hot Air Welding Gun

The TRIAC AT Digital version of the Roof Welding Kit brings full digital control and the ability to set temperature and blower speeds independently of each other for even better welding control.

With a comprehensive suite of diagnostic software the TRIAC AT will even show the operator when there is (or isn’t) adequate voltage from the generator to be able to weld effectively.

Furthermore its LCD display diagnostics software will also tell you when it is time for the carbon brushes to be replaced or time for a service! A truly fantastic, reliable addition to the Leister roofing range and available now as a complete roof welding kit.

Kit contains:

  • Leister TRIAC AT 120v
  • Leister 40mm Slot Nozzle (15° angled)
  • Leister 20mm Slot Nozzle (Bent 15° Angled)
  • Leister 40mm Silicone Pressure Roller with ball bearing
  • Leister 6mm Brass Pressure Roller
  • Seam Inspection Probe

Suitable substrates for Rooflock tape are:

✓ Aluminium
✓ Concrete*
✓ Fibre cement/ asbestos*
✓ Lead
✓ Masonry*
✓ Asphalt
✓ Glass
✓ Clay tiles/slate*
✓ Fibreglass
✓ Copper
✓ Bitumen
✓ Plygene

With the intelligent e-Drive control unit, regulation of temperature settings between 40 and 620 °C (104 – 1148 °F) and the air volume can be achieved independently. The operating airflow is 120 – 240 l/min