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Maintenance guide

Plygene® Gutterline when installed to our recommendations will give a long and trouble-free life.

To enable the installation to carry on performing as when first installed, we suggest the following maintenance guide is followed:

  1. The roof and gutter should be maintained to the relevant British Standards.
  2. Soft soled footwear should be worn when inspecting Plygene Gutterline installations.
  3. Every 12 months or sooner, clean out the gutter using a soft brush. (Do not use a metal spade or shovel).
  4. Inspect the outlets, and, if fitted, the moulded accessories to ensure there are no blockages.
  5. Check the lining is still secured well up under the roof sheets. (Cladding).
  6. When maintenance is being carried out, care should be taken, as the Plygene Gutterline can become slippery under certain conditions.
  7. Care should also be taken when maintaining equipment fitted on the roof. Any sharp object i.e. screws/pop rivet mandrells, should be immediately removed from the gutter liner, otherwise if trodden on could perforate the liner.
  8. If extensive work is to be carried out on the roof, then the gutter liners should be protected by boards.
  9. If the liner is damaged, this can be readily repaired by an experienced operative trained in the hot air welding process, using an approved repair kit supplied direct from our works.
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