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Delcote® GS Gutter Coating System

Delcote® GS Gutter Coating System

The issue of leaking gutters is a frequent concern for commercial properties, and once you notice the problem, it is crucial to address it promptly. Using a gutter coating system will help to protect against leaks.

When it comes to deciding whether to repair or replace gutter systems, there are key sustainability factors that need to be considered. Opting for gutter coating systems excludes the use of new materials that are required for full replacement, mitigating carbon production.

Why Delcote® GS?

As an alternative solution, Sharmans offer the Delcote® GS gutter coating system for gutter profiles that cannot accommodate mechanical fixing of the Plygene® Gutterline system.

It’s therefore ideal for the likes of cast iron and lead gutter environments often found within the Heritage sector as well as restricted gutter profiles such as Trimline gutters.

Delcote® GS Gutter Coating System is exclusively available and manufactured by Sharmans.

  • 10 year system guarantee.
  • Market leading proven performance from a trusted brand.
  • Endorsed by leading steel manufacturers.
  • Engineered for the roofing environment using inorganic Alkoxy technology to prevent chalking and deterioration.
  • Specified in confidence by surveyors and property managers for over 35 years.

Independently tested against leading rigorous industry standards, the systems have been specifically designed for the gutter and roof environments. Installed into the commercial roof sector since 1985, our systems have stood the test of time, providing complete peace of mind to specifiers.

These market leading systems are underpinned by a range of guarantees to choose from.

  • 10 year system guarantee.
  • Primer less adhesion to most common gutter substrates.
  • Fast application without disruption to internal activities.
  • Can withstand long term exposure to the atmosphere.
  • Long term elasticity and flexibility.
  • No need for mechanical fixings.

The Delcote® GS system has excellent elastic properties to withstand normal surface movements associated with gutters and is unaffected by UV or extremes of weather and temperature.

The product is normally applied without the need to prime.
When used in conjunction with Seamsil®, Sharmans Delcote® GS is ideally suited to provide a tough and durable relining system to reinstate metal, concrete and asbestos gutter and rainwater systems.