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Seamsil 300 Gutter Joint Repair System

Seamsil® 300 Gutter Joint Repair System

Over time, the joints in gutters can degrade, resulting in reduced effectiveness of the seal between the two gutter sections, which can lead to leaks. In such cases where a short term fix is needed as opposed to a complete refurbishment, we offer a solution.

When it comes to deciding whether to repair or replace gutter systems, there are key sustainability factors that need to be considered. Opting for gutter repair systems exclude the use of new materials that are required for full replacement, mitigating carbon production. 

Why Seamsil® 300?

Seamsil® 300 gutter joint repair is a silicone based system engineered specifically for sealing joints in galvanised steel, aluminium and asbestos gutter systems. Seamsil® 300 has exceptional adhesion and cures to provide a tough elastic seal.

  • Industry leading 12 month guarantee.
  • Market leading proven performance from a trusted brand.
  • Engineered for the gutter environment using inorganic Alkoxy technology to prevent chalking and deterioration.
  • Excellent elastic and flexible properties to withstand normal substrate thermal and UV movement.


Independently tested against leading rigorous industry standards, the systems have been specifically designed for the gutter and roof environments. Installed into the commercial roof sector since 1985, our systems have stood the test of time, providing complete peace of mind to specifiers.

These market leading systems are underpinned by a range of guarantees to choose from.

  • Silicone systems have excellent elastic and flexible properties to withstand normal surface movements.
  • Seamsil uses GE Technology with its proven long life, being unaffected by UV or extremes of weather and temperature.
  • Seamsil silicone systems have exceptional adhesion to cleaned and prepared surfaces and cure to provide a tough, elastic seal, effectively encapsulating the damaged area to restrict further deterioration.
  • Proven track record in corrosion control.