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Full side outlet

  • Ensure the gutter around the side outlet hole is clean and dry. Blow dry with heat gun if damp
  • Continue to roll the liner two metres beyond the side outlet
  • Using a Stanley knife, cut around the side outlet hole until the full outlet capacity has been achieved
  • Pin the liner around the side outlet hole. Outlet size will determine the quantity of fixings required
  • Ensure Sharmans Fixing Caps are installed over all fixings prior to welding
  • Push the side outlet through the hole in the liner ready for welding
  • With the heat gun tack weld the flange on the side outlet into four quarters sections forming pockets and fully weld all four pockets to the liner
  • Allow the side outlet to cool before probe testing the weld
  • Any un-welded area’s will need to be re-welded and again probe tested once cool

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