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Delcote: A Lifetime In Roofs

The Delcote metal roof coating system forms part of the Sharman’s protective coating range. With 25 years of proven performance, the use of Delcote ensures that you can be provided with stand out performance to match all of your metal roof refurbishment needs, wherever your roof is in its lifecycle.

Since its introduction in the 90s, Delcote has been specified with confidence by surveyors and property managers when seeking a cost-effective solution for their clients. Performance is guaranteed with BBA approval and AA fire certification, providing a metal roof coating system that is designed to extend the life and sustainability of the building.

But why is Delcote so heavily trusted by industry professionals? Factory-applied coatings begin to deteriorate over time exposing the zinc galvanized coating meaning costly replacement if the roof sheet comes to the end of its service life. Replacing a roof is not only costly but disruptive as well. 

Delcote is an inorganic coating with outstanding proven resistance to weathering from UV, rain, snow and temperature extremes to retain high movement accommodation, flexibility and adhesion without cracking, peeling or chalking.

What are the benefits?

From performance to application benefits, there are many reasons why Delcote is your go-to full roof-coating system. Some of its key features include:

  • Excellent long term elasticity, flexibility and gap bridging capability.
  • Resistant against chalking or degrading over time.
  • Naturally corrosion-resistant and water repellent.
  • Fast cure and excellent coverage.
  • Ease of application saving you valuable time – roller, brush or airless spray.
  • BBA approval in excess of 25 years service life


The Delcote system provides two manufacturers backed guarantees

  • 10-year manufacturer guarantee, single coat system simplifying application and lowering cost supporting shorter tenancy agreements and dilapidations.
  • 25-year manufacturer guarantee, dual coat system to mirror the proven industry performance of the Delcote system.

You can be assured that Delcote offers a reliable solution to short and long term building lifecycle options.

Designed with simplicity and working in conjunction with Seamsil (the industry recognised cut-edge corrosion treatment), Delcote continues to be the trusted solution for both contractors and specifiers alike.

Sharman’s are the sole manufacturers of Delcote which has stood the test of time with 25 years of proven industry use. This, combined with our years of experience, underpins our confidence involving Delcote ensuring that you can get the most out of your new system.

Experience the unmatched Delcote metal roof system today. Enquire now.

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