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Plygene makes perfect

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Engineered to Guarantee Leak Prevention

Leaking gutters are a common commercial property concern and one that should be dealt with as soon as it is noticed. Installing a gutter lining system will help to protect the existing gutter and prevent water damage by creating a waterproof barrier that will prevent water from overflowing onto the building’s structure.

Unlike competitors’ general roofing products, Plygene Gutterline is a gutter lining system specifically engineered to restore and preserve gutter performance.

Providing a 25 year guaranteed, seamless “gutter within a gutter” system, Plygene Gutterline offers a bespoke solution with minimal building disruption and is an effective alternative to full gutter replacement.

It is the only BBA certified gutter lining system approved for the harsh rigours of the gutter environment.


Why use the Plygene® Gutterline System?

  • Non-bonded and will not fail due to building movement, unlike liquid coatings
  • Installation is not weather dependant like a liquid coating
  • Guaranteed to provide a waterproof membrane
  • Provides at least 20% more gutter capacity than a fold-out system
  • Quicker and easier to install than a fold-out system
  • Ensures a lower CO2 footprint than a fold-out system
  • The only BBA-accredited gutter lining system
  • 25 year guarantee by use

Bespoke Design

Plygene Gutterline’s bespoke design allows it to be installed in any commercial gutter network whatever the width, length or complexity. Installed by Sharman’s network of registered Approved Contractors, all project works are inspected and certified to exacting quality standards.

Through ongoing product development, the system components are designed to meet the challenges of all gutter configurations whatever their complexity. It is the leading system of choice providing complete peace of mind for contractors and their end clients.

BBA Certified

Within the UK roofing industry, Plygene Gutterline is the only commercial lining system accredited by the BBA for the gutter environment. Onerous testing in the areas dimensional stability, tear strength, tensile stregnth, elongation, heat resistance and low temperature flexibility make Plygene Gutterline the first choice for both specifiers and contractors alike.


UV Certification

Independant accelerated outdoor ultra violet (U.V) testing by Q-Labs in the arduous sub tropical high intensity sunlight of Southern Florida have been ongoing since May 1997 and provide a U.K U.V certification of 39 years… and rising.