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Get expert advice about refurbishing roofs and gutters with our condition report survey

When it comes to leak prevention, refurbishing roofs and gutters and maintaining properties, it is essential to know exactly what issues you may be dealing with and how to fix them. That’s why at Sharmans, we offer comprehensive condition report surveys which review the condition of the roof and gutter and provide you with a complete snapshot of the building.

This snapshot can inform you of where the roof is in its lifecycle and if any maintenance work is required, if the present problems aren’t caught in time, the factory-applied roof coatings will deteriorate past a point of no return, leading to costly replacements. By booking a condition report survey, you’ll get the advice you need to keep the roof in the best condition possible and help ensure that you are extending its life.

The report covers many key areas and issues as follows:

  • Preliminary Inspection Scope
  • Roof Details
  • Gutter Details
  • General Overview
  • Existing Roof Analysis
  • Substrate Details
  • Cut Edge Corrosion Analysis
  • Previous Repairs
  • Fixings
  • Metal Flashing Details
  • Rooflights
  • Adhesion Testing
  • Gutters
  • System Proposals

Our condition report surveys are designed to give you expert advice for tackling common problems which can cause leaks such as cut edge corrosion, whilst also covering the entire roof envelope by examining factors like roof substrate condition, gutter network condition and detailing to ensure you get the right solutions for the job. Our guaranteed BBA approved high-performance Delcote® and Seamsil® roof coating systems and Plygene® Gutterline system are the market-leading leak prevention systems, they have been specified with confidence by surveyors and property managers for over 20 years. 

Our market-leading Plygene® Gutterline system is engineered to guarantee leak prevention and made from an incredibly strong thermoplastic blend which is designed specifically for the gutter environment: resistant to mechanical damage, highly durable and weathertight, it withstands foot traffic and is UV resistant, maintaining its performance integrity for the full lifecycle of the building. 

Plygene® Gutterline system is a seamless “gutter within a gutter” gutter lining system that is non-bonded in design and thermally expands and contracts independently from the gutter substrate material. This means that as the gutter itself thermally moves, the integrity of the gutter lining is not compromised and will not craze and crack like liquid coatings, or open at the joints like other bonded systems. 

For quality assurance on the durability and performance of our products, our Delcote® and Seamsil® products come with a minimum 10-year guarantee and are BBA accredited. Our Seamsil® 100 cut edge corrosion system is also AA fire certified, to ensure safety durability and sustainability for years to come, extending the life cycle of the building.

What are the benefits of booking a condition report survey?

  •  Reports are fully detailed with photography and best practice recommendations to repair or fully restore as appropriate.
  • Receiving a detailed report of where the roof is in its lifecycle means specifiers and contractors can make a decision on the appropriate maintenance or remediation for that roof.
  • You can rest assured that you are getting expert advice with over 30 years of experience informing our surveys. 
  •  Our reports allow you to specify products with ease and ensure that you are recommending products with proven results.


We support our contractors and specifiers with a condition report survey to help advise on the best solution for the roof and the gutter. Arrange a survey today, or get in touch with our team of experts for more information.  


HD Sharman