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Archive: Roof Refurbishment


Solar panel installation – Assessing the life cycle of an industrial or commercial metal roof

You should consider the life cycle of your metal roof before installing solar panels. Due to the significant costs of the solar panel systems, the condition of the roof is…

The RoofCare System

We are delighted to announce the launch of our website for RoofCare – our new cutting-edge maintenance and monitoring system for roofs and gutters! Our innovative RoofCare System combines remote…

Get expert advice about refurbishing roofs and gutters with our condition report survey

When it comes to leak prevention, refurbishing roofs and gutters and maintaining properties, it is essential to know exactly what issues you may be dealing with and how to fix…

Recent extreme weather conditions and the effect on metal roofs and gutters

Over recent years, we have seen some of the most bizarre weather conditions in the UK and this trend is predicted to continue in the future.

Sealing the overlap on metal roof sheets – Addressing the feedback

To summarise, Sharmans confidently guarantees both the performance and application of the pure silicone Seamsil system when sealing the overlap.